Auslan @ Work

Each training session is specific to your needs as we will teach you the Auslan signs that you will need specific to your place of work and identify any cultural aspects in regards to your work place in order to make the deaf Auslan user’s experience with your company a more welcoming and safe one. Learning Auslan is practical and fun for everyone, so why not consider this as a team building activity for your staff.

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We are always delighted to receive positive comments regarding our courses. Here are some of our many testimonials.

“How good the teacher was, how well planned this course was, how much information I’ve gotten out of this 2 day course. I’m actually very interested in pursuing it after this course as it’s engaging. And will let people know that they should do it.”

“Engaged at all aspect of class, teacher was amazing and made sure everyone was included”

“Everyone felt comfortable to ask questions and it was an easy environment to learn in”

“I was surprised at picking it up so quickly and that it was actually a lot easier to learn from teacher once the interpreter had left. Overall this experience has been awesome!”

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