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A little bit about us...
Auslan Consultancy, a team of Deaf individuals, is passionate about sharing their language. If you want to communicate with a deaf person, we are your team.Our mission is to raise awareness of deaf language and culture, promoting social and informative inclusion, participation through equality of access.We achieve this through video translating, video productions, training, and consulting.We view deafness as another way of living the human experience, not a disability.
English to Auslan translation

All of our translations are performed by an experienced team who are native Auslan users that have exceptional knowledge of both languages 



Auslan development of video educational resources

As a team of native Auslan users, we are dedicated to protecting and preserving our language through our linguistic and cultural expertise. We specialize in developing educational content that is culturally correct and linguistically accurate, tailored to meet our clients' learning needs.

Auslan film and video production

We produce documentaries that spotlight events, achievements, and health and wellbeing issues from a community perspective. Our work involves collaborating with various members, subgroups, and cultures within the Deaf Community to ensure diverse voices and stories are represented.


Deaf Awareness Training

Deaf awareness training promotes inclusivity by educating on the experiences and needs of the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community. Participants learn communication strategies and accommodations, breaking down barriers and enhancing accessibility for a more inclusive environment.

Post-production editing

We specialise in post-production editing for Auslan translations, professional voiceovers, and closed captioning. Let us help you create inclusive and engaging videos for all audiences.


Video streaming platform consists of Auslan videos with stories, lessons, and inspiring conversations. Archiving stories for years to come.

Have you ever wondered about
the translation process?
Initial Assessment and Assignment

Receive and review the customer’s document, then assign it to an appropriate translator and language consultant who thoroughly understand the content.

Translation and Filming

Create a written glossed translation, begin the initial filming process, receive feedback, and make necessary adjustments.

Professional Production

Conduct final filming in a professional studio setting with the translator, consultant, and a camera person to ensure high-quality visual output.

Editing and Delivery

Edit the filmed content to include any requested customisations such as captions and logos, then deliver the polished video to the customer.

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